International stabilizing currency

April 7, 2023, 5:26 p.m.

Many nations are looking for alternatives to the greenback to reduce their dependence on the United States. However, the world does not need counterfeit currency. The world needs a currency and an economic unit of measure that will stabilize the world's most important currencies and serve the interests of international cooperation.

Once the role of a single currency was performed by precious metals such as gold and silver, however, those times are in the distant past and today no national currency is secured by anything.
The creation of an international currency is necessary at least to resolve the so-called currency wars between different countries. Such an international currency should serve the interests of international cooperation.

It is assumed that the peculiarity of such a currency should be: the so-called total money supply of the international currency should not grow through the issuance of loans to various countries, organizations and individuals.
This will prevent currency depreciation.

The issue of such currency should be made only through its transfer to organizations serving the most significant and valuable tasks and missions of humanity.

Another feature of the international currency should be a mechanism that prevents the accumulation of excess money from various organizations and individuals. However, with any possible features of an international currency, the most important feature of such a currency should be a completely different attitude of people to this currency.

The value of money and people's attitude to money must change even before the international currency replaces the rest.

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