True Developed Town


By implementing such a project, humanity would be able to connect not only Eurasia with North America by land transport. It would be possible to connect even Africa with South America. How about an unforgettable trip from Cape Town to Buenos Aires?
The pyramid is the most stable type of structure in terms of geometry. A skyscraper, on the other hand, is the most unstable type of structure in terms of geometry. The choice of the most sustainable type of structure is especially important for overcoming natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes.
The main advantages of Maglev transportation systems are freedom from friction, maximum ride comfort, maximum safety, high cruising speeds, low noise pollution, no formation of particulate matter, no pollutant emissions, low maintenance costs. Maglev will help to cope with the climate catastrophe and the global energy crisis.

Most cities around the world were built up chaotically and many buildings in these cities were not built to stand for tens or hundreds of years. Humanity can no longer afford to waste precious resources to erect buildings and structures that will obviously not serve humanity in future centuries. The approach to the construction of all urban buildings and structures should be radically revised.