Working Economy


Many nations are looking for alternatives to the greenback to reduce their dependence on the United States. However, the world does not need counterfeit currency. The world needs a currency and an economic unit of measure that will stabilize the world's most important currencies and serve the interests of international cooperation.
The global repository of financial transactions will allow economists to take a fresh look at the global economy, as well as at its individual segments. Such a system will be useful for many organizations, including city and regional managements.
The international trading system will allow organizations and individuals to conclude secure contracts for the exchange of goods and online services. Such a system will not only promote business exchange and international partnerships, but also contribute to the establishment of world peace. The international trading system is the first step into a new economic future.

The world economic system that exists today has completely outlived itself, because it does not contribute to the development of society, personal growth, or scientific and technological progress. On the contrary, the global economic system only contributes to the degradation of society.

Such a system must be dismantled, social values must be completely changed, and in place of an irrelevant economic system, an economic system that promotes human development must be placed.