Collapse of Society

Society's Crisis

Drug abuse plagues almost all countries in the world, with only a few exceptions. During the year few tens of millions people in the world died from drug abuse and drug overdose. Drug abuse engenders frequent social problems. Further widespread spread of toxic substances that cause addiction can completely destroy the entire civilization.
Homelessness of many people in cities around the world is a serious problem of society, as homeless and unemployed commit robberies and thefts, engage in prostitution and begging, engage in illegal trade in stolen goods and drugs.
Only in the last decade, the crime rate in many countries of the world has increased several times. Killings; robberies; thefts; carjackings; laws that have stopped working; illegal trade in weapons, drugs, human organs, animals; total corruption in all social strata of society; rapes.
Children of wars; victims of sexual violence in childhood or adolescence; victims of child prostitution; victims of child pornography; people who have used alcohol or drugs since childhood or adolescence; people who have suffered psychotrauma or trauma in childhood or adolescence; victims of persecution due to congenital or acquired abnormalities or defects; hungry children; children from troubled families; children without parents; children or teenagers who have survived suicide attempts.
Mass migration creates problems due to the lack of programs to integrate migrants into the local economy, and the language barrier prevents migrants from effectively communicating with the local population.
The world's population will plummet. The decline in the birth rate below mortality and limited genetic resources lead to the fact that the degeneration of humanity has already begun. It is expected that at best only a few ten million people will live to the end of the century.
A serious gap between rich and poor will lead to civil wars and revolutions around the world. This development of events is predicted by the world's most authoritative sources.
Racial and ethnic conflicts are causing wars around the world, destroying societies and causing financial and humanitarian crises.
Suicide is a leading cause of deaths in the world.

Violent clashes between the civilian population and the police and the military take place every day all over the world. Incessant wars all over the world. Mass migrations. Clashes on religious and ethnic grounds. These are just a small part of the social problems that exist today.