High crime rate

April 21, 2023, 5:23 p.m.

The concept of crime is as old as human existence. It is one of the challenges facing Nations and the human race at large.

Sometimes, the act of crime differ based on circumstances as well as region. However, some criminal acts are considered as crime worldwide. Some of such criminal acts includes; murder, theft as well as rape. One of the common feature of crime apart from the fact that it is an unacceptable human behavior is that, it is usually punishable by the state or a constituted authority.

Crime is everywhere in the world and has continued to thrive.

Only in the last decade, the crime rate in many countries of the world has increased several times. Contract killings; robberies and thefts; carjackings; broken laws; illegal trade in weapons, drugs, human organs, animals; total corruption of all social strata of society.

Crimes are greatly affected by some common factors such as poverty, unemployment, bad governance, economic meltdown and many others and varies from country to country.

Unfortunately, the Governments of all countries downplay the statistics on the number of crimes. This is due to the fact that the government of no country wants the country to lead in global lists in terms of the number of crimes and their severity. The exact picture is unknown, but it is known for certain that crime has grown significantly in recent years.

Easy and simple access to firearms contributes to the commission of serious crimes.

There are quite a lot of unreported crimes in most countries, for a number of reasons.

For example, it is highly unlikely that a country where if someone reports a rape, the victim of a crime is likely to end up in prison, that there will be reports of rape, right? This is the case in Arabic countries.

For the purpose of understating crime statistics, Governments also resort to methods of legalizing crimes. This is clearly evident in the example of economic crimes. All Governments issue laws to support various monopolies. The USA is a vivid example of the legalization of economic crimes, since the procedure for financing laws by various corporations is official and does not cause anyone any questions. Such actions make it possible to manipulate the reputation in the global corruption lists of organizations such as International Transparency and others that are also corrupt.

Economic crimes are no less dangerous for society as they contribute to the development of the shadow economy, which is a favorable ground for the development and spread not only for other crimes, but also for terrorism. Economic crimes are also the cause of the collapsing global economy.

The Governments of all countries of the world are corrupt and they are also the customers of terrorist acts around the world and have the closest friendly ties with criminal leaders. The world's leading banks and the most influential and wealthy people finance both wars and terrorism around the world. The world's leading media are also corrupt, which never speak or write the truth.

The military and intelligence agencies are corrupt, which frighten the population with the help of surveillance and wiretapping, are the perpetrators of many terrorist acts, including the world-famous terrorist acts of September 11, 2001. Corrupt intelligence services and the police are also the reason for the widespread distribution of narcotic substances around the world, as they have a close connection with the criminal world and who jointly conduct criminal business.

Corrupt Governments and intelligence agencies are also directly involved to the wide distribution of child prostitution and child pornography.

Centers of top famous cities of the world is a hotspots for crimes including physical and sexual assault, theft, and carjacking, etc.

Do you recognize this problems? Ignoring the high level of crime by the public will lead this society to uncontrolled chaos.

What actions, in your opinion, should be taken already today to make society and the world safer?