Global Freshwater Scarcity

Global water scarcity

Populations continue to grow and drought frequency rises. We’re headed to major threats to food security.
Rivers around the world have been drying up recently. Rivers all over the world are running really low, especially the Tigress and Euphrates Rivers in Iraq, as well as significant bodies of water in countries like Italy, Romania, France and China.

Soon most people will forget about car washing forever. Even bathing and washing will be a problem. Rivers, lakes, reservoirs are drying up at such a rate that soon there will be practically no drinking water on most of the planet.

Current projections estimate that global demand for fresh water will exceed supply by 60% in 2030.

Mexico City, one of the largest cities in the world, has a population of nearly 22 million and is growing steadily with population growth expected to hit 30 million by 2030. 

Mexico City is one of 11 cities predicted to reach what is called Day Zero, or the day when the water runs dry. This is nothing short of a crisis.

Experts estimates that in 30 years 88% of the world's population will be forced to live in water-scarce regions. Climate change is further accelerating the water crisis.