Mass Extinction of Birds

The fastest extinction of birds in Earth's history is happening now.

Extinction of birds

They became victims of extinction due to the loss of habitats in the process of deforestation by humans.
They belong to the parrot family having the most beautiful blend of colors on their bodies. They are declining in number due to habitat degradation.
Harry Potter's bird is about to extinct forever.

According to the most recent data, the extinction rate of 50 thousand species per year was recorded. More than 100 species of living things go extinct forever every day. This is a record in the history of planet Earth.

Tragic fact. The illegal trade in wildlife parts is worth billions of dollars annually and is the third most profitable trade on the black market after drugs and weapons.

Tragic fact. Wildlife in the nature conservation areas is very depleted from years of unchecked poaching.

Birds play an important role in the environmental ecosystem of the world. Many of them are pollinators while others help control the population of plants and animals. Many of the unique birds are hunted for decorative reasons – humans exchanging their features for monetary value.

The extinction of birds on Earth will lead to the final extinction of other animal species, including humans, which will make the planet lifeless.