Stable communication with aliens

March 29, 2023, 2:40 p.m.

Modern man has made some progress in science, in particular, in the study of extraterrestrial space. It became obvious that the Solar System is surrounded by countless other star systems with their planets.

A great many planets in their properties resemble the planet Earth and are Earth-like. The conditions of stay on such planets closely resemble the conditions of stay on Earth. Living beings have developed and are developing on such planets according to a similar scenario. On some planets, living beings have reached the same heights and their achievements are primitive, in comparison with the achievements of living beings on Earth. On other planets, living beings have reached higher forms of development.

In addition to Earth-like planets, there are other planets with some other forms of life adapted and adapted to the conditions of life on their planets. Such living beings have already developed according to a different scenario than life developed on Earth. Living beings from such planets could make a significant leap forward in scientific and technological terms, in comparison with living beings from Earth-like planets.

To establish contact and establish stable communication with extraterrestrial beings seems to be a necessary task, at least for the following reasons:
- man is created for higher goals than have already been achieved;
- to find help and solutions to earthly problems, for example, in the field of energy;
- to solve and perform tasks on other planets.

The most important condition for the possibility of establishing contact with alien beings is the ability of a person to think irrationally. And this is another important reason why a new society "Human Creators" is needed.