Emergency condition of sanitary sewer

March 10, 2023, 9:15 p.m.

Hundreds of thousands of people are left without water every year. The reason is accidents on sewers. The problem is that in many cities pipes were laid with violations several decades ago, and instead of concrete — metal. Such problems can be in all cities.
In such accidents, parts of cities are flooded with sewage waste and faeces.
A general large-scale crisis of public utilities has long been overdue.
Major accidents have become systematic on water pipelines, power grids, heating mains, and now, on the drainage system.
The business squeezes every last thing out of the property taken in the concession. Wanting to get the maximum profit, preventive, preventive and capital repairs required by the regulations, does not carry out. Controlling organizations are compliant to the point of indecency.
The authorities are not responsible for anything, they do not report to anyone.
What will happen to the utilities tomorrow? Nothing good.

How do you think this problem should be solved?

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