Nuclear energy issue

March 23, 2023, 2:28 p.m.

Nuclear power could be the key to solving the energy problems of mankind. However, there are even more problems here.

One of the "cornerstones" of nuclear power is that a large amount of water is needed to cool nuclear reactors. In view of the climate catastrophe, rivers and reservoirs are drained all over the planet, and in conditions of water scarcity, it should be directed to more necessary needs: for drinking and agriculture.
Another problem of nuclear power is a certain shortage of elements, such as uranium-235.

Merely to fill up the energy gap that will appear before long, the world needs to start up probably two nuclear power plants every day throughout the foreseeable future – a process that is debatable however. After ten years – a brief moment in the age of mankind – we will then have constructed some 7000 nuclear power plants. Today, we have approximately 400 in the world. However, constructing and running all these nuclear power plants requires more oil than most of us imagine. The extraction of uranium fuel is dependent on oil, and uranium will also become a commodity in short supply following several decades of drastically expanding nuclear power. Our atmosphere and water will be exposed to very heavy emissions of radioactive waste.

Nuclear power is an important global economic and technological industry. It is important to discuss problems related to nuclear energy.