Inexhaustible source of resources

March 31, 2023, 3:46 p.m.

Imagine that there is a magical place where all the necessary resources are collected for the production of any products, for the implementation of any technological and energy projects of the present and future?

It sounds like something fabulous and impossible in the real world. Can such a gift really exist?

Such a gift was left to humanity in case of any future resource crisis probably by the one who designed the Solar System.

However, in order to get this prize, the whole of humanity needs to try very hard and put a lot of effort into getting and mastering this limitless prize.

How well does humanity need to try? Probably, less effort is needed than to extract oil for burning without the benefit of trillions of tons of fuel in the gas tanks of billions of cars around the world in traffic jams. Probably less effort is needed than to create millions of lethal weapons around the world, including armored vehicles and nuclear weapons.

The asteroid belt contains all the necessary resources that can be obtained without the need for drilling.

Elements that are in short supply on Earth can be delivered via future space missions.

But what is even more important is that these resources from the asteroid belt can be delivered to Mars (as the main space base) for the corresponding space missions.

Do you think it is possible to deliver resources to Earth from the asteroid belt? And if so, what should be the collectors and deliverers of resources?