High unemployment rate

April 17, 2023, 2:21 p.m.

Even in those countries where official statistics show low unemployment, this is not a real situation. In fact, the governments of countries create good statistics due to the fact that the lowest percentage of unemployment falls on government sectors. While in other sectors of the economy, the situation is deplorable. It is not profitable for governments to show negative unemployment statistics.
If we analyze the statistics in a little more detail, it turns out that many sectors of the economies of the leading economic powers show high unemployment.
For example, in the US, for the agricultural sector, unemployment among women reaches almost 10%.
The overall national unemployment rate in some EU countries is also high. For example, in Spain, unemployment is more than 10%, and in Sweden it is close to 10%.
In many countries of the world, the unemployment rate is really high. In some African countries, this figure exceeds 20% and even 30%.

In your opinion, is there a problem of high unemployment and how, in your opinion, should this problem be solved?