Flooding of cities and towns

March 16, 2023, 12:21 a.m.

By 2050, 800 million people will live in cities where sea levels will rise by more than half a metre

Climate change in cities will lead to increased rates of heavy precipitation, accelerated sea-level rise, exacerbated acute and chronic coastal flooding, drought, higher-than-average annual temperatures and extreme heat events.

Many coastal communities around the world already live with the threat from sea level rise and coastal flooding; where climate impacts can drown neighbourhoods, put people’s lives at risk and wreak economic havoc.

many of the world’s cities will face an extraordinary threat from rising seas and coastal flooding by mid-century.

Kolkata, Mumbai and Dhaka that have the highest number of people at risk from coastal inundation; between 11 and 14 million.

Jakarta is especially susceptible to sea level rise and high tides since it’s also experiencing one of the fastest land subsidence rates in the world.

Hundreds of millions of residents will be displaced, much of infrastructure of the big cities will be wiped out and the World’s economy will be destroyed.

In cities rich and poor, dense and sprawling, hot and cold, reputable researchers shows that unabated climate change will expose 5 billion people to ever harsher and more frequent climate hazards.

Do you recognize the problem? What do you think needs to be done already today to resolve the problem?