Building collapses and emergency condition of important buildings and structures

March 14, 2023, 1:37 a.m.

Every year a large number of buildings collapse around the world. It is important to investigate the reasons for collapse because a large number of people are killed or injured. Buildings are structures that serve as shelters for man, his properties and activities. They must be properly planned, designed and constructed to obtain desired satisfaction from the environment. The factors to be observed in building construction include durability, adequate stability to prevent its failure or discomfort to the users, resistance to weather, fire outbreak and other forms of accidents. The need to build structure with integrity goes back as far as recorded history. Houses needed to be able to support their own weight, plus the weight of the inhabitants. Castles needed to be fortified to withstand assaults from invaders. Tools also needed to be strong and tough enough to do their jobs. When a building collapsed, devastating effects are felt more painfully by the inhabitants than the owner. Poor structural design, use of substandard building materials, non-compliance with approved building design, poor workmanship, and lack of qualified and cost control among others are the main causes of building failures in all over the world. Major structural failures of buildings around the world are currently well known to everyone because many are described in the print media.
Currently, many shopping malls in the largest cities of the world with millions of visitors, as well as residential apartment buildings, are in disrepair and do not meet fire safety standards. Many factory buildings and factories are outdated.
At different intervals, overpasses and bridges collapse in all corners of the planet, which leads to casualties and paralyze traffic.
A dam failure or dam burst is a catastrophic type of structural failure characterized by the sudden, rapid, and uncontrolled release of impounded water or the likelihood of such an uncontrolled release. Between the years 2000 and 2009 more than 200 notable dam failures happened worldwide.
Other collapses of structures is about tunnels.
Do you think it is necessary to solve these problems and how?

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